Short Code / Long Code

Short Code & Long Code is used to generate leads for the business. It is easy to use, easy to communicate, easy to remember & profit generator.

Uniqueinfo Media offers Short Code SMS service, which are 5 digit virtual numbers significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, configured at the circle mobile operator, specific to the country. Short Codes are premium numbers usually used for SMS voting, competition participation etc. Advertising agencies, radio stations, marketing companies, media companies, TV Channels etc., use these for lead generation, campaigns, contest, voting etc. An advantage for marketing agencies & advertisers is that they can measure the effectiveness via response received. These numbers do not support direct calling and they work with SMS based applications for information pulling, from any type of database. Uniqueinfo Media offers two types of Short Code SMS service namely, Dedicated Short Code SMS Service and Shared Short Code SMS Service.

Long Code SMS Service is operated by mobile service providers. These are virtual numbers to which no direct call is allowed. Long Code works with SMS based applications to fetch information from all types of database. Long Code SMS is ideal for lead generation via bulk sms, online ads and TV channels. These are codes used for mobile verification systems, as well. The codes are also helpful for stock checking & updating, SMS subscription activations, Mobile ticketing and similar operations. Cost efficiency is another added advantage of Long Code SMS, as service providers charge normal SMS pack. Long Code SMS service offered by Uniqueinfo Media is of two types, namely, Dedicated Long Code SMS Service and Shared Long Code SMS Service.